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<   No. 1017   2005-11-08   >

Comic #1017

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: I've just signed a deal to guarantee large profits for the Nigerian government!
1 Nigerian Finance Bureuacrat: What is it, Finance Minister?
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: We've offered registration to a group of enterprising naval merchants, in return for a share of their profits.
3 Nigerian Finance Bureuacrat: A flag of convenience?
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: Yes. And best of all, it's perfectly legal!
4 {scene change: on board the pirate ship}
4 Wendy: Privateers, cap'n?
4 Long Tom: Arrr! And we only had ter put down 10% of our future lootin's!

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Yes fans, the crossover you've been waiting for.

2015-01-28 Rerun commentary: I just (last night as I type this) read a National Geographic article about Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria. It's something of a boom town at the moment (or boom city - the population is somewhere around 15 to 20 million-ish - sources vary wildly and it seems nobody actually knows to any great accuracy). And Nigeria as a whole has recently outgrown South Africa as the largest economy in Africa. Although there are still many very poor people in Lagos, there also seems to be a lot of opportunity for people to work their way up the social and economic ladders, and lots of room to accommodate more in the upper reaches.

Never stop learning about places and people around the world.

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