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<   No. 1025   2005-11-16   >

Comic #1025

1 Iki Piki: Well... we didn't exactly lose your body.
1 Spanners: No, it was infected by a space parasite.
2 Paris: What?!
2 Iki Piki: Which laid its eggs in you...
3 Spanners: ... and the larvae hatched and ate your brain...
3 Paris: What?!
4 Serron: ... so we dumped the remains into a star.
4 Paris: YOU DID WHAT?!

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The good old escalating disbelief shtick. Always good for a laugh.

2015-02-06 Rerun commentary: Well I certainly hope so, anyway.

Given how space parasites tend to behave, dumping the remains into a star probably isn't the worst thing they could have done at the time.

Space sickness and space infectious organisms are going to very interesting once we get our act together and actually go explore space and seek our new worlds and civilisations and all that stuff. Things like space viruses and space bacteria are probably going to have a hard time infecting humans, because the biology will be totally different. But space parasites - things that just get inside your body and chomp their way through - might be an issue.

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