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<   No. 1033   2005-11-24   >

Comic #1033

1 Me: It never fails.
2 Me: Strips I make that I think are hilarious, hardly any readers get, and if they do they don't appreciate them.
3 Me: While jokes that I think are pretty lame and use for filler when I'm out of ideas turn out to be the most popular.
4 Me: They should love this one then...

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I'm really curious how many people will appreciate this one, and how many will think it sucks... It's rather meta-humourish.

2015-02-16 Rerun commentary: This was inspired by an actual situation where I made a strip which I thought was, frankly, one of my funniest and cleverest strips and indeed quite brilliant, and when it was published, nobody even bothered commenting on it, except perhaps to say, "Huh?"

And the other thing - a strip which I toss together at the last second and think of as a throw-away lame gag, but which garners loud and widespread acclaim from the audience - also happens quite regularly too. I guess it's good that I leave those in, then!

I wonder if this happens to all comedy writers.

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