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<   No. 1061   2005-12-22   >

Comic #1061

1 Jar Jar: {walking casually through a Naboo swamp} Dum-de-dum... de-doo...
2 [sound]: Fwackoom!
3 Jar Jar: {standing on the infinite featureless plane of Death, and spotting Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs} Muy muy! Dis issa most disturbing anda unexpected!
4 Me: Oh come on, like I needed a reason?

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I was thinking I should do a Star Wars strip, since I hadn't done one for a while. I didn't have any fully developed ideas handy (I have lots of one-liners, bizarre observations, and half-formed gag ideas about Star Wars in my ideas file, but hadn't fleshed any out into a full script for ages), so I thought for a second and decided I really should use the Death theme again soon too...

Et Voilà.

2015-03-20 Rerun commentary: I'm puzzled as to what that T-shirt is that I'm wearing. I don't recognise it as any that I currently own, so presumably it's one that got discarded some time ago. I hope we get a better view of it in upcoming strips!

I don't know what some of that stuff on my desk is, either...

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