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<   No. 1091   2006-01-21   >

Comic #1091

1 Lambert: This mess over bail money reminds me of my uncle Bilbert. He needed bailing out of jail plenty of times in his life, you know.
2 Mordakai: Yes, yes, we've heard this tedious story before...
2 Draak: Draak want hear more!
3 Lambert: Fortunately he'd been able to procure a collection of valuable mink coats for his wife. Every time he got arrested she'd swap one for his release.
4 Alvissa: She kept on doing this every time?
4 Lambert: Yes, it was a hobbit-for-mink activity.

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Mink is the name of three species of mustelid carnivores, Mustela lutreola (European mink), Mustela sibirica (Siberian mink, also sometimes called the Siberian weasel), and Mustela vison (American mink). They are closely related to weasels and ferrets, sharing the genus Mustela with them. A fourth species, Mustela macrodon (sea mink) was unfortunately hunted to extinction in eastern Canada and New England in 1894.

"Mink" is a funny word. Say it a few times. Mink mink mink mink mink.

2015-04-24 Rerun commentary: Of course Draak wants to hear more! He has a sophisticated appreciation for high-brow humour.

If you were wondering what those prison guards were doing with all those mink coats: They were sharing them around with all the other members of the town watch in order to foster camaraderie and cooperation amongst the members of the policing forces.

It's all part of a team-for-mink activity.

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