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<   No. 1092   2006-01-22   >

Comic #1092

1 Spanners: We better go into cyberspace and find Paris to tell her we can clone her body and bring her back to life.
2 {scene change: Cyberspace. The background is bright and garish instead of the usual neutral grey.}
2 Iki Piki: Paris! Helloooo!! Where are you?
3 Spanners: This virtual reality seems different to normal. More detailed and smooth. Almost like the software's been upgraded or...
4 Spanners: ... patched...
4 Serron: You can thank me later.

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I created the backgrounds for panels 2 and 3 in POV-Ray and for panel 4 in Mathematica.

2015-04-25 Rerun commentary: I wonder how many other webcomic creators have used Mathematica to generate backgrounds for panels. Not a lot, I'm hazarding to guess. It really does make some great images for use as a cyberspace backdrop.

I use Mathematica at my work a fair bit. The more computer sciencey staff tend to use MATLAB, but coming from a physics background I learnt Mathematica instead and have continued to use it. (The cool thing about my work is that they let you use whatever tools you feel most comfortable and productive with.) For me, Mathematica has the advantage of symbolic algebra, letting me solve differential equations and stuff like that which crop up in my work.

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