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<   No. 1101   2006-01-31   >

Comic #1101

1 Haken: Now we have you, und with you, die orichalcum! Nazi science will analyse this metal and build indestructible machines of war!
2 Haken: Orichalcum armoured tanks, orichalcum plated battleships, und die ultimate weapon of air superiority...
3 Haken: Die Orichalcum Zeppelin!
4 Erwin: That would be a good name for a band, Herr Kolonel.

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When Googling for information on zeppelins, it really pays to add "-led" to your search terms. Trust me.

2015-05-08 Rerun commentary: Whatever orichalcum is, it is not noted as being an especially light metal (such as mithril, for example, which is noted for being exceptionally light as one of its prime properties). Orichalcum is rather noted as being precious and decorative, somewhat like bronze or gold. From these facts we may surmise that it is probably quite a heavy, dense metal.

Which of course makes it about as suitable for use in a zeppelin as lead.

In reality, zeppelin superstructures were made from duralumin, a very light, strong aluminium alloy. Which is really much more like mithril than orichalcum.

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