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<   No. 1108   2006-02-07   >

Comic #1108

1 Monty: {walking along the station platform, guided by Haken and Erwin with guns} You have an escape plan, right? This is your home territory.
2 Ginny: I knew it would be tough evading Haken if he was ahead of us. Why do you think I asked you along to help?
3 Monty: Maybe you just couldn't bear to be away from me?
3 Ginny: Or maybe I thought you might get a useful idea for once?
4 Prof. Jones: What's the third option? Neither of those two sound very plausible to me.

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2015-05-18 Rerun commentary: Just looking at this strip now is giving me nightmares of standing up all six of those minifigures on that studded surface, without having them constantly fall over and knock all the others down in a domino effect. And not only did I have to set them up once, but you'll notice that in each successive panel they are further down the platform and... actually, now I look again their poses are suspiciously identical in panels 1-3. The only obvious change is in panel 4, where Monty's stride is on the other leading foot.

I suspect I shot this from a variety of angles and moved the train in the background, rather than move all the figures between frames. So clever it even fooled me for a minute there!

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