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<   No. 1133   2006-03-04   >

Comic #1133

1 Stud: Come on, let's wade up the river.
2 Quarrel: To throw off the tracking dogs?
3 Stud: Er... yes, of course. And we should um... leave all our clothes behind, in case the dogs have the scent.
4 Honey: Nice try.

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I'm afraid Quarrel's torso might look a bit... fuzzy here. I made a mistake in the sequence of graphics operations I use to recolour the yellow Lego torso to match what his skin colour should be, meaning I had to do the selections and recolouring on the downsampled version rather than the full sized photo like I normally do. I could have started again from scratch, but since it takes about half an hour to do this I decided to be lazy and live with it.

2015-06-22 Rerun commentary: In the river wading sequence in the film there's a memorable bit where they use reeds to breathe through while hiding underwater. In reality, this is really difficult, because if you're standing vertically (as they are in the film), then your chest is half a metre or more under the water (unlike in normal snorkelling, where your chest is essentially at the surface). The water pressure on your lungs at even that depth makes it difficult to suck in air at one atmosphere of pressure.

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