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<   No. 1140   2006-03-11   >

Comic #1140

1 Erwin: {reappearing, with a pack on his back} I have die parachute, Herr Kolonel.
1 Haken: Sehr gut. Now, jump!
2 {Erwin stands by the open zeppelin door.}
2 Ginny: Erwin! Wait! {runs and leaps at Erwin}
3 {The two fall out of the zeppelin together.}
4 Monty: Women never throw themselves at me like that...
4 Prof. Jones: Well you don't carry a parachute, do you?

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Again with an action scene. And again I wasn't sure how well this would come across in Lego, but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I hope it's clear what's happening from panel 2 to panel 3.

I considered having Monty say something inane in panel 3 like, "She grabbed him and jumped out!" but I think saying it in pictures alone rather than words is more effective here.

And if you're a single guy and you wonder why women don't throw themselves at you more often, maybe you should get a parachute too.

2015-07-01 Rerun commentary: I like how Haken is looking out the door in panel 4.

The parachute not only assists when falling from a height, but can be used as a discreet modesty shield, as demonstrated by James Bond and Pussy Galore* in the final scene of Goldfinger.

* If you weren't previously aware of this character from the James Bond novel and film Goldfinger... I kid you not.

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