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<   No. 1165   2006-04-05   >

Comic #1165

1 [sound]: {dice rolling} clatter clatter!
2 [sound]: {dice rolling} clatter clatter!
3 Mordekai: What are you doing?
4 GM: Aging rolls for the great Dragon Sage Ardaxar...

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For those not familiar with the intricacies of roleplaying games, many of them feature a game mechanic known as "aging rolls". These are dice rolls that a character must make upon reaching certain ages to provide a random simulation of physical and mental decline with age.

If we assume the great Dragon Sage Ardaxar (previously mentioned on three occasions) is actually a dragon, a further pertinent point is that dragons traditionally have extremely long lifespans, so any aging rolls they make would necessarily be a long time apart.

In Dungeons & Dragons and many games which follow its lead, dragons actually get stronger and smarter as they age, with no fixed maximum age. So having one have to make aging rolls could imply that so much time has passed that this dragon has advanced to an age never before seen in the annals of the game...

2015-08-05 Rerun commentary: Those are my favoured dice when I run GURPS games (which use normal 6-sided dice exclusively). I have a small box containing 36 of them. I liked the purple colour when I was selecting a box of 6-sided dice. Of course I also have a bunch of polyhedral dice for games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Some of those are quite nifty colours too.

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