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<   No. 1187   2006-04-27   >

Comic #1187

1 Dumbledore: Eternal glory! That is what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament. But to do this, that student must survive three tasks.
2 Dumbledore: Three extremely dangerous tasks.
3 Fred, George: Wicked!
4 Dumbledore: Squeeze the next three huge novels into reasonable length movies without upsetting fans of minor characters like Neville and Ginny.

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I just bought the DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and relived the mind-whirling experience of the opening 10 minutes, which zip through the first 15 or so chapters of the book.

I fear my mind won't be able to take the rapidity with which the screenwriters will have to deal with the next book.

2015-09-05 Rerun commentary: It's interesting to look back on these comics now with the realisation that I was making them during the time when the Harry Potter books were still being written, and the movies still being made.

As it turned out, Goblet of Fire was (in my opinion) easily the worst of the films. The ones after were significantly better. They still had to cram a lot in and cut some of the more detailed material from the books, but the stories they told were more coherent.

Except my biggest disappointment was that they cut the heart-wrenching scene involving Neville's parents. One of the best scenes in the entire series of books, and they left it out. Oh well.

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