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<   No. 1202   2006-05-12   >

Comic #1202

1 Erwin: {appearing in Hitler's Brain's chamber and saluting} Sieg Heil!
1 Haken: Erwin! What took you so long? Did you find die orichalcum? Where is Fraulein Dr Smith?
2 Erwin: We did not find it. It is very rugged terrain there. Ginny went back to Moscow.
3 Hitler's Brain: So, die Kremlin knows about this regrettable incident, then.
4 Erwin: Oh, we are just friends... Oh. Did you mean about losing die orichalcum?

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Sieg Heil is the customary German greeting used during the Nazi era. One of several possible translations is "for ensured victory". Which is probably a good thing to say a lot if you plan on conquering the world.

It should be noted that using this greeting in modern Germany is treated as a very serious crime. Do not use IWC! as a German language primer for tourism!

And of course you will all remember the last time we saw Erwin was jumping out of a zeppelin over Poland after the orichalcum.

2015-09-26 Rerun commentary: Wow, is that ever an understatement: "Do not use IWC! as a German language primer". Most of the German in this comic is hopelessly mangled. (And deliberately so, because getting it right would have been way too much trouble for me.)

Thinking back, IWC! has included English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Latin. Hmm... maybe I should get some more languages in there, in sha'Allah.

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