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<   No. 1205   2006-05-15   >

Comic #1205

1 {scene: Crab Key. Quarrel's skeletal remains lie before James Stud and Honey.}
1 Men: {dressed in radiation suits} Come with us.
1 Stud: Eeek! Aliens!
2 Honey: It's men in radiation suits, for crying out loud.
3 Stud: You know, you haven't even told me your name yet.
4 Honey: Is this really the time for that?

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I kind of skipped over the part where Honey tells Stud her name.

These panels take quite a while to put together. The photography is only the first step. Once I have the image in my computer, I have to adjust the white balance, brightness, and contrast. Then for these panels I need to make Honey's bikini top white (I'm using a Princess Leia gold bikini top torso, so the colour isn't right). Then I cut out the blank wall behind the set, paint in a sky, merge the layers, resize, apply a little bit of unsharp masking to remove the slight softness generated by the pixel resampling, and soften the now too-sharp edges between the sky and the background with a touch-up tool.

And then I do it all again for three more panels.

I tried putting a blue panel behind the set to make the sky more easily, but the set threw shadows on it, which made it rather unconvincing. Although my method takes more work, it looks better.

2015-09-30 Rerun commentary: The white bikini top looks a bit fake and Photoshopped, though.

But rest assured that Honey was indeed wearing something underneath that, and I haven't just Photoshopped a bikini top over a bare upper torso. This isn't The Brick Testament, after all!

The "radiation suits" are new style* LEGO Space figures, used here because at this point I didn't have any radiation suits, which as everyone knows, is even less than having only one radiation suit.

* I think of them as "new style" even though they're from 1987-1990 (the Futuron style), since growing up as a kid I was more used to the Classic Space figures from 1979-1987.

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