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<   No. 1216   2006-05-26   >

Comic #1216

1 {scene: A radiation decontamination facility somewhere in Dr No's secret base on Crab Key.}
1 Man: Remove your clothes.
2 Stud: Do as he says.
3 Honey: Because they're contaminated with radiation?
4 Stud: Uh... sure, that too.

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Normally I have to adjust the colour of the shots from my camera, usually adding a lot of blue and a bit of green to compensate for the tungsten lights I use. This time, since James Stud is finally in the mysterious secret base of Dr No and in a freaky radiation decontamination facility, I decided to go more to the green side.

(I could do a manual white balance on my camera to adjust this, but I'd have to redo it on a shot by shot basis because of the shifting lights and angles, so it's easier to do it in post-production.)

2015-10-16 Rerun commentary: Crab Key doesn't exist in real life. Dr No's base was on a fictional island off the coast of Jamaica. But of course for filming the movie they had to use an actual location for the exterior shots.

The beach where Honey Rider emerges from the water is actually a beach a short drive west of the town of Ocho Rios on the mainland of Jamaica, seen here in Google Maps. It was actually renamed "Crab Key Beach" after the movie was shot there.

This page has some information on the real bauxite mine used for the exterior shots of Dr No's lair. It is also located near Ocho Rios, and can be seen here in Google Maps. If you zoom out a bit you can see both this and the beach at the same time.

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