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<   No. 1215   2006-05-25   >

Comic #1215

1 Sallah: So what now, Monty?
2 Monty: We're completely at the mercy of the Nazis. I expect they'll execute us.
3 Prof. Jones: {sitting, with back to camera} Well that's just shocking!!
3 Monty: Yes dad, it is.
4 Prof. Jones: {turning around, holding the mystery novel up} The butler did it!

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The phrase "The butler did it" is commonly credited to American mystery novelist Mary Roberts Rinehart, although she never actualy used it in her books. But she did have a butler do it in her 1930 murder mystery The Door.

The inimitable Cecil Adams of the Straight Dope has more, which I shan't repeat here.

2015-10-14 Rerun commentary: Interestingly, TV Tropes lists several webcomics parodying or subverting "the butler did it", but not a single one playing it straight.

I think I have another trope to try get IWC listed on.

(If you see a new butler character introduced in the new strips, don't worry. He'll be perfectly innocent...)

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