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<   No. 1224   2006-06-03   >

Comic #1224

1 {scene: Alvissa tends the horses alone. The rest of the party are in conversation with Dwalin in the background.}
1 Alvissa: This is a most unusual pickle. We can't go forward over the Orcrift Mountains because the others have eaten all the food.
2 Alvissa: We can't go back to Footcrag because the others destroyed their tavern and stole the town treasury.
3 {scene: In the background, a fireball is seen engulfing Dwalin. Alvissa doesn't notice.}
3 Alvissa: And we can't go through the secret dwarven passage because of the Five-Thousand Year Grudge between my people and the dwarves.
4 {scene: In the background, Dwalin's beard is on fire, with smoke billowing heavenwards. Alvissa is looking the other direction, at the camera.}
4 Alvissa: Very unusual. For once I'm responsible for part of our mess!

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It's tricky for me to do purely visual gags, but I hope this one works as well as I think it does. I was literally snickering and giggling to myself for several minutes after I put this together.

(Which means that probably no-one else will appreciate it at all... it's usually the way!)

2015-10-27 Rerun commentary: Whenever I used LEGO horses with the Fantasy characters, I had to lower their heads to make them appear to be not so big, because they are modelled to a significantly larger scale than the gaming figurines.

Also, Alvissa is probably being a little harsh on herself here, blaming herself personally for the Five-Thousand Year Grudge. One would presume she didn't actually instigate the grudge herself.

Although... she's an elf. Maybe she is over five thousand years old.

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