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<   No. 1223   2006-06-02   >

Comic #1223

1 {scene: The radiation decontamination facility somewhere in Dr No's secret base on Crab Key.}
1 Man 1: Okay, they're clean. {Stud and Honey are ushered through a door behind the radiation suited men.}
2 Man 1: {walking over to talk to a second radiation technician} Amazing, this 1960s nuclear technology.
3 Man 2: Yeah. We can clean people of radioactive contamination with just a hot shower. They won't be able to do that in 40 years.
4 Man 1: And we get to see Ursula Andress in the shower.
4 Man 2: Is there no end to the wonders of nuclear power?

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This is a bit of a Rozencrantz and Guildenstern moment here, as we see something happening in the lives of the minor characters while the main characters are reduced to the background.

I originally wrote this with the line "And we get to see Ursula Andress naked," but decided to mellow it down a bit, as I didn't want to push the boundaries of my self-imposed PG rating too far. (I can say it here in the annotation, because this is analytical commentary, not titillating entertainment. Any kids reading this, go look up those big words in the dictionary. See, it's even educational.)

And yes, I am well aware of the Andress/undress pun. I was aware of that in the 1970s.

2015-10-26 Rerun commentary: Mostly I was aware of it because of MAD Magazine. They did a parody of a bunch of James Bond films, including Dr No, in which they referred to her as "Ursula Undress".

I suspect MAD Magazine has been an influence on many webcomic artists over the years. The various and wildly different comic artwork and humour styles within it made it a case study for learning about the breadth of comics humour which was possible, back in the days before the Internet was even a thing. Don Martin, Sergio Aragonés, Antonio Prohías, Al Jaffee... all part of the melange of influences on the very comic you are reading now.

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