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<   No. 1233   2006-06-12   >

Comic #1233

1 {scene: The other side of the door from the radiation decontamination room. Stud and Honey are greeted by two immaculately dressed nurses seated at a reception desk.}
1 Sister Lily: Come in, you poor dears. We simply didn't know when to expect you. First it was teatime yesterday, and then dinner, and it was only half an hour ago we really knew you were on your way.
2 Sister Rose: Cigarette? These are American, these English, and these Turkish. We hope to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
3 Honey: Well this is very weird, don't you think?
3 Stud: What is?
4 Honey: Women who are glad to see you.

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Now we get to see the other side of the door after the brief Rosencrantz and Guildenstern interlude of #1223. The first two lines are taken directly from the film Dr No, spoken by two characters by the names of Sister Lily and Sister Rose.

I've always thought this part of the film must be terribly baffling for viewers unfamiliar with the story. The novel explains that Sisters Lily and Rose are delusional, and think they are working in a health care facility, when they're really acting as receptionists for a mad megalomaniac. It's so hard to get good help when you're in the megalomaniac business.

Keen-eyed readers will notice the green colour grading of the nuclear decontamination room gives way to a more reddish light here.

2015-11-09 Rerun commentary: You can see a bit of that green tint through the open door to the decontamination area in the first panel. I really enjoy doing subtle things like this with the lighting.

This scene also shows just how much things have changed since the 1960s. I can't imagine being welcomed to any health care facility these days by being offered a cigarette.

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