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<   No. 1245   2006-06-24   >

Comic #1245

1 Steve: I can't refuse a good cause. Let Jane Goodall know I'm in!
2 Terry: {checking her computer} She's online. I'll instant message her.
3 Terry: She wants to know what endangered species you think we should focus on first.
4 Steve: Crocs!
4 Terry: "Anything but crocodiles."
4 Steve: Crikey!

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Irregular Webcomic! has raised over US$1,100 for the Jane Goodall Institute. Some other websites accept donations - I redirect all cash to the JGI. If you're thinking of making a donation to some cause, consider the JGI. And if you do donate to them because of my comics, let me know.

2015-11-25 Rerun commentary: Since this comic was originally published, the total amount that readers have donated to The Jane Goodall Institute in the name of IWC has risen to over US$2,280.

I keep this fairly low profile, because I don't like hitting people over the head with requests to donate or support causes that are quite a personal thing for me, but may not resonate as much with others.

And while I still don't accept absolute donations as such, I do now offer a Patreon page, where you can choose to become a patron of my work, and receive special patron bonuses.

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