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<   No. 1246   2006-06-25   >

Comic #1246

1 Adam: Okay, the myth is busted. You can send me back now.
3 Adam: {holding up a phone} Do you get cellphone reception here?
3 Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals: UMM...
4 Adam: {on phone} Jamie? Hi. Get a cameraman to sniff the mercury. We're missing some great footage here.

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I initially considered using a Lego walkie-talkie piece for Adam's phone, but the size is huge compared to minifigures. It would have looked like he was using a "luggable" phone from the 1980s.

While making this comic I had a scathingly brilliant idea. Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals is a Cockney, by the traditional definition by virtue of having been born* within earshot of the bells of the church of St Mary-le-Bow in London's East End.

So, if we record the sound of the bells and broadcast them around the world, we could make the entire world Cockney. In fact, there are several MP3s of the bells available on the web:

If you know anyone about to have a baby, see if you can sneak one of those into the delivery room for this experiment.

* I leave the philosophical question of how a Death is born to the reader.

2015-11-27 Rerun commentary: You can just see in the final panel here that the small black tile used as Adam's phone is not being held in his minifigure claw-hand. In fact it's stuck to his hand with a tiny blob of Blu-Tack.

The church of St Mary-le-Bow provides its very own web page on the history of the bells. Also, this being the modern Internet, rather than that of 2006, I can now also link to a YouTube video of the bells ringing!

So if you happen to be in a maternity ward right now, play it and see if you can turn someone into a Cockney.

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