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<   No. 1255   2006-07-04   >

Comic #1255

1 Adam: {on phone} Oh and Jamie? Get him to bring some of that dead pig from the car. It doesn't look like there's a hot dog stand anywhere near here...
3 Adam: {no longer on phone} Shouldn't be able to? So, in other words, what you're saying is...
4 Adam: Myth busted!

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One of my favourite episodes of MythBusters is the infamous Stinky Car episode, in which Jamie and Adam leave the corpse of a pig to disintegrate for two months sealed inside a car.

I don't know what I can add to that.

2015-12-09 Rerun commentary: The hot dog article on Wikipedia makes for pretty interesting reading, especially if you do a wiki-walk an article or two off the main topic.

It's interesting that I couldn't find an article on frankfurter. I presumed that the specific type of sausage traditionally used in hot dogs would be a topic of enough interest to merit an article. But the closest I could find was frankfurter würstchen - which sounds almost like the right thing, but has virtually no content, and is tagged as "this topic may not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline". (At least, the latest version as I write this, which is dated 9 October 2015, is.)

Really? The type of sausage used in hot dogs is not notable enough for a Wikipedia article?

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