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<   No. 1256   2006-07-05   >

Comic #1256

1 {scene: An impressive set of iron-bound doors set in the sheer rock wall of the mountain.}
1 Dwalin: The doors tae the dwarven kingdom. The passwoord is soo cunnin' ye'll ne'er guess it, ye ken. Goo on, try. {translation: The doors to the dwarven kingdom. The password is so cunning, you'll never guess it. Go on, try.}
2 Lambert: {reading a sign on the doors} "Spik, friend, and coom ye in, the noo!" Hmmm... "Friend!" {translation of sign: Speak, friend, and enter.}
3 {The doors swing open silently on meticulously dwarven-engineered hinges, revealing a long passage leading deep into the mountain.}
4 Alvissa: It wasn't even in Dwarven!
4 Dwalin: Moost dwarves wouldnae ken yer language!! {translation: Most dwarves wouldn't know your language!}

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This isn't the first time the Fantasy gang have had to deal with mysterious doors.

I was wondering how to darken the area behind the doors for panel 3, and the only black thing I had handy was a mangy old clipboard, falling apart at the spine, so I just stood it up and tried to adjust it so not too much light leaked through the gap. The effect turned out quite well, I think, looking like a long passage extending into the mountain.

2015-12-11 Rerun commentary: Hmmm, I think I've since discarded that old clipboard.

I discovered a thing on a visit to the United States a couple of years ago. I wanted a clipboard to transport some artwork that I'd bought, keeping it flat and protected on both sides. I went into a stationary store, and discovered that in the USA apparently clipboards are just a single rigid board with a clip on them! They were useless for my purpose!

Here in Australia, clipboards generally have two rigid flat pieces, which open apart like a book, so you can keep your clipped documents safely protected inside when travelling, and then open the front and fold it behind when you want to read or write on your clipped document. This is referred to as a "folding clipboard" on Wikipedia. I pretty much thought all clipboards were like that, until I was stymied trying to find one in the USA.

So, if you were wondering how I could possibly have achieved the effect shown behind the doors in panel 3 with a clipboard, now you know. It's a folding clipboard, and you're looking down between the two narrowly separated boards, towards the spine.

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