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<   No. 1283   2006-08-01   >

Comic #1283

1 Erwin: Die Führer says we must execute you immediately.
2 Prof. Jones: {still lying on the floor inside the cell} No breakfast?
2 Erwin: No breakfast.
2 Prof. Jones: How gauche.
3 Monty: They're Nazis, dad. What did you expect?
4 Prof. Jones: Well, I knew Hitler was irredeemably evil, but I didn't know he was a spoilsport.

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Actually in the 1930s when this comic is set, it wasn't yet all that clear to the world at large that Hitler was as bad as all that. But since when have I ever let historical accuracy get in the way?

2016-01-18 Rerun commentary: Hitler's Brain himself has a fairly light breakfast, of fresh water mixed with a little lemon juice stirred through his tank. On Sundays he splashes out and adds a spoon of yoghurt.

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