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<   No. 1275   2006-07-24   >

Comic #1275

1 Erwin: They want breakfast.
1 Hitler's Brain: Nein! Absolutely not!
2 Hitler's Brain: Then they will claim their last meal was not their last meal und we will be in some sort of prisoner paradox und unable to execute them at all!
3 Hitler's Brain: Go drag them out of die cell und shoot them immediately!
3 Erwin: Jawohl!
4 Erwin: {walking off to get the prisoners} I did not know he was interested in logic paradoxes.
4 Haken: {walking with him} What else is he going to do? Play football?

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My original script for this had panel 4 as follows:

Erwin: He is nasty.
Haken: You noticed?
While putting the photos together I realised how lame this was and tried to come up with something better. My first alternative was:
Erwin: I did not know he was interested in logic paradoxes.
Haken: He is a brain in a jar. What else is he going to do? Play football?
And then after making the strip like that I realised Haken's first sentence is completely redundant. Don't tell the audience something they already know. So I removed it, tightening the dialogue and making it better.

Hitler's Brain is making a reference to the famous prisoner paradox, in which a prisoner argues that he cannot be executed because of various logical arguments that are better examined in the Wikipedia article than here.

2016-01-06 Rerun commentary: These are the sorts of things you really need to consider if you're running a despotic empire and executing various prisoners. Sure, make them all wear black or white hats so that they can see every other prisoner's hat but not their own, and choose one of them at random each day to visit a room with a single light bulb and a switch in it.

The important thing is that when the prisoners work out the logic puzzle and claim their freedom, you completely ignore it and execute them anyway.

False hope is a wonderful thing.

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