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<   No. 1325   2006-09-12   >

Comic #1325

1 Terry: Jane Goodall came to visit.
1 Steve: That was nice of her.
2 Terry: She brought a bottle of champagne as a get well gift. I told her alcohol mixed with your medication could be dangerous.
3 Steve: Oh?
4 Terry: She went and bought you this case of vodka.

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I'm not sure how Steve managed to stay in his safari shirt. Hospitals tend to like to put people into those weird gowns that don't quite cover enough.

2016-03-16 Rerun commentary: Of course there's a reason for hospital gowns being a bit too revealing for comfort. They're meant to be revealing, in the sense that they have to be able to be opened and/or possibly removed from an unconscious patient while on the operating table, without providing too much difficulty.

On another note, alcohol only causes problems with some medications. Others, not so much.

One time I needed to restrict my oral nutrient intake to "clear fluids" for a while. (I tried to find a web reference for "clear fluids", but most of them seem to be worded instead as "clear liquids", which seems to be the American English way of saying the same thing.) Anyway, the instruction sheet I got from the doctor indicated I could have water, tea or coffee without milk, fruit juice with no pulp, clear broth, gelatin including gelatin desserts, and alcohol.

Yeah, despite the medication I was on, they included alcohol in the stuff I was very specifically allowed to have.

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