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<   No. 1343   2006-09-30   >

Comic #1343

1 Martian 2: {struggling with Ishmael's computer} I can't get access; it's no good.
1 Martian 1: Curses. Earth's computer security is too good.
2 Martian 2: Hmmm... what's this? Half-Life 2?
2 Martian 1: Load it up!
3 Martian 2: Holy Zerg! It's some sort of advanced combat training simulator! This Earthling must be an elite warrior!
4 Martian 2: It's networked! Everyone on campus has it!
4 Martian 1: We've stumbled into a military base! Get out!!

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Again I show my ignorance of computer games by admitting that I had to ask someone if Half-Life 2 could be played in a networked mode or not. The answer was a little complicated, as I learnt that the original release of HL2 could not be played in multiplayer mode, but instead was packaged with a different multiplayer game called Counter-Strike: Source. Eventually though, the game publishers released Half-Life 2: Deathmatch as a free download for HL2 owners.

So, according to the best information I have, there's nothing at all wrong with the Martians' conclusions in this comic.

2016-04-11 Rerun commentary: A Zerg, for anyone who doesn't know, is an alien race from StarCraft, which has become part of an idiom which has reached beyond StarCraft: the zerg rush. This refers to the battle tactic of overpowering a defender with a vast number of disposable forces, as seen in countless video games, movies, and other media.

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