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<   No. 1356   2006-10-13   >

Comic #1356

1 Ophelia: Come on, let's forget about Loren. Sushi for lunch?
1 Mercutio: {overhearing in the background} Count me in!
2 {scene change: the three are walking down the street outside}
2 Mercutio: I like that seaweed stuff they use to make sushi, but I'm not keen on the fish eggs.
2 Ophelia: Oh?
3 Mercutio: It's that whole roe versus weed thing.
3 Shakespare: And as long as the seaweed hasn't gone bad.
4 Mercutio: Yeah. You have to be careful not to go past the point of nori turn.

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For those who like to figure things out for themselves: No explanation today.

2016-04-29 Rerun commentary: I once went to a modern sushi place and rather than assembling traditionally styled sushi they served the ingredients in tiny separate bowls: vinegared rice, nori, yuba, salmon, tuna, omelette slices, cucumber and so on. The bowls were edible too, carved out of a large radish.

It was daikon-structed sushi.

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