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<   No. 1359   2006-10-16   >

Comic #1359

1 Kyros: {triumphant} I call that a success. We're 95% okay!
1 Alvissa: Lambert's a sixth of the party!
2 Kyros: But he only counts as half...
3 Draak: That make us nine oh point nine oh nine oh and so on per cent...
4 Kyros: Don't confuse us with your primitive lizard man arithmetic!

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It's amazing that you can express a recurring decimal precisely in monosyllables. And in case anyone is wondering, "per cent" is two words in British and Australian English.

2016-05-03 Rerun commentary: Draak's calculation is based on Lambert counting as half a party member, and each of the other five as a full member each, giving a total of five and a half party members. Losing the half (i.e. Lambert) leaves ten-elevenths of the party intact, which comes to 90.9090...%.

Although Draak probably used differential calculus to figure this out much more efficiently.

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