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<   No. 1388   2006-11-14   >

Comic #1388

1 Ginny: Let them go, Haken!
1 Haken: Ach! You will pay for this, Fraulein Doktor Smith!
2 Ginny: Quick, out the gate and into the car! {Sallah and the Joneses run to the gate in the prison courtyard}
3 Prof. Jones: {standing by the waiting car outside the prison compound} Yay, we're saved from a terrible fate!
3 Monty: No kidding, dad.
4 Prof. Jones: Yes. No Russian would ever let a guest go hungry!

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It's nice to have a reputation for hospitality.

2016-06-13 Rerun commentary: One presumes Ginny has a good eye on the entire Nazi firing squad, to make sure none of them raise a rifle in her direction.

In other news, given the direction of the sunset light and the fact that this is Berlin, you can deduce that the Joneses and Sallah are making their escape from the courtyard in a roughly northerly direction. The exact direction depends on the time of year, as the azimuth angle of sunset changes significantly with season - further north in summer and further south in winter.*

* These directions are reversed if Berlin is in the southern hemisphere in your universe.**

** Hey, it could happen. Alternate history universes built around the Nazis are a dime a dozen, so it stands to reason that the location of Berlin could end up anywhere.

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