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<   No. 1395   2006-11-21   >

Comic #1395

1 {scene: Ginny drives the getaway car through the night, with the Joneses and Sallah in the passenger seats.}
1 Monty: Don't tell me you rescued us just so you could take us to Moscow and execute us there.
2 Ginny: Don't be ridiculous!
3 Ginny: I need your help to find the legendary Palladium of Troy.
4 Monty: Oh, well, that makes much more sense...

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I'm rapidly learning lots of tricks to speed up production of comics using Photoshop. It lets me quite easily make and refine effects like the headlight beams of the car in the second panel. (Yes, this is meant to be night time, which is why it's a bit darker and bluer than normal. I received so much flak over the first time I did this effect to simulate night that I dare not make the scene quite that dark again.)

As for the Palladium of Troy, I'm not going to explain that here. Stay tuned, and all will be revealed in the storyline itself. If you don't already know what it is.

2016-06-22 Rerun commentary: Dr Smith is clearly very good at driving with her hands off the wheel.

This car is a custom modification of a standard LEGO set, to add enough seats so that it could fit five people. Unfortunately three across the back seat is a tricky proposition with minifigures, so we get three rows of seats.

In hindsight, I'm a bit surprised that Monty managed to score the front seat. I'm sure his father would have been quicker off the mark shouting, "Shotgun!".*

* Note that there are official rules for calling shotgun, handily summarised at, where else, And wow... there are a lot more official rules than I realised!!

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