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<   No. 1404   2006-11-30   >

Comic #1404

1 {scene: Outside Wilson's Shoe Repair, a small run-down shop on the edge of town, almost squeezed on to the street by the vast Axis Pharmaceuticals factory that occupies the entire rest of the block.}
1 Refractive Man: Old Man Wilson's family are all shoe repairers. I heard the senior members are part of The Mob.
2 Worm Master: Nah, that's just a load of old cobblers.

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More Supers artwork by Dean Stahl of Steelhorse Studios.

2016-07-05 Rerun commentary: Axis Pharmaceuticals is of course a play on the name of the chemical factory (Axis Chemicals) where The Joker was created in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie.*

Interestingly, there is an actual company called Axis Chemicals based in Sydney where I live. I wonder how many supervillains they've given rise to.

* They changed the name from the established DC Comics universe's Ace Chemicals for some reason. I dunno why - seems a pretty arbitrary change to me.

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