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<   No. 1488   2007-02-22   >

Comic #1488

1 {scene: The Axis of Antagonists watches on a closed circuit TV as the League of Good Guys enter Wilson's Shoe Repair to have a look around.}
1 Aqualich: They're going in, the fools. Spring the backup trap!
1 Sea Dog: We be havin' a backup trap?
2 The Bug: Yes...
2 Aqualich: What kind of stupid supervillains wouldn't have a backup trap?!
3 The Bug: ... We just don't have a primary trap. {springs the backup trap by pulling a lever, which illuminates a sign indicating "Backup Trap Activated"}

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Looks like our heroes are in trouble now!

Thanks again to Dean Stahl of Steelhorse Studios for Supers art.

2016-11-19 Rerun commentary: These guys do seem to be slightly better prepared than some comic book villains. They're definitely more genre savvy, anyway, which is certainly one better than most normal villains can muster.

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