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<   No. 1432   2006-12-28   >

Comic #1432

1 Minnesota Jones: The Palladium of Troy. Well, well. So where in Rome are we going?
2 Ginny: We know the Romans brought treasures back from their Hellenic campaigns, possibly including the Palladium.
2 Minnesota Jones: That's never been proven.
3 Ginny: My research indicates a book in the Vatican Library may contain the clues we need to pick up the trail after all these centuries.
3 Minnesota Jones: Hmmm. Maybe...
4 Monty: Pop, wait. She never said anything. How did you know we were going to Rome?
4 Minnesota Jones: We're on a road, aren't we?

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Symbols and trivia of Rome.

I've been told by some friends when I revealed this strip to them that this echoes plot points of some mystery stories, among them The Da Vinci Code. If so, it's entirely coincidence, as I've not read that book nor seen the film. I came up with this Vatican Library idea entirely by myself.

In fact, I'd be surprised if a similar plot element wasn't used in other works. If you're writing a story set in Europe and you want someone to look up some arcane piece of knowledge, the Vatican Library is one of the most obvious places to start your search.

2016-08-13 Rerun commentary: That original "Symbols and trivia of Rome" Wikipedia page seems to have been removed at some point, and now simply redirects to the page on Rome itself. But there is this though.

It's been pointed out that if you ever want to travel away from Rome, you just need to go to any road and start walking backwards.

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