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<   No. 1445   2007-01-10   >

Comic #1445

1 {Map showing a red dotted line leading from Berlin to northern Italy, showing stops at several locations along the way: Leipzig, Nuremburg, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Florence...}
2 Monty: Another meal stop, dad?!

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Yes, I know, the map is from 1922, not the 1930s. Every time I do one of these, I get e-mails from people pointing out that the map is from the wrong decade. Well... I know.

Oh, and you may notice that I've busted out of my standard strip size. I was never really satisfied with doing these map strips in my normal format, because they usually involved shrinking or rotating the map in a stupid way. You may recall a certain recent strip that did the same thing. In order to do that, I had to spend some time modifying my site code. The further advantage is that now I can post strips that don't fit strictly into my previous pixel size limits.

And other things. Stay tuned...

2016-08-31 Rerun commentary: As it happens, I am writing this rerun annotation using a brand new administration interface I just spent the past couple of hours coding. This is the first step in refactoring the IWC website code to make it easier to maintain.

At the moment, the strip image dimensions are not stored in the database. The page just assumes the strip is the standard dimensions (for whatever date range the strip is in - I have changed the "standard" dimensions twice now). Unless there's a special field set which contains a HTML snippet that encodes the correct dimensions for an unusual strip like this. It works, but it's awful. I'm planning to change the database to actually store the dimensions of each strip, and then update the page generation code to use that.

But one step at a time. Let's see if this new rerun administration interface works first...

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