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<   No. 1520   2007-03-26   >

Comic #1520

1 {scene: The party have just passed through a doorway and face a stone bridge spanning a vast bottomless chasm.}
1 Dwalin: Thu Bridge of Khazad-Doom! {translation: The Bridge of Khazad-Doom!}
2 Dwalin: We joost nid tae cross thus, then make oor way doon a precarious collapsin' staircase tae safety! {translation: We just need to cross this, then make our way down a precarious collapsing staircase to safety!}
3 Dwalin: While bein' shot at by orcs and chased by thu Balrog! {translation: While being shot at by orcs and chased by the Balrog!}
4 Mordekai: Does anyone get a sense of foreboding? {Flaming Balrog stands right behind Mordekai.}

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A bit of practice is making the flame effect easier for me to do.

The Balrog, by the way, is a Bloodthirster model, the greater daemon of Khorne and part of the Chaos pantheon of daemons in the mythos of Games Workship's Warhammer setting. My brother did the paint job. Interestingly, the Wikipedia article on Khorne indicates that Bloodthirsters are basically very similar to Balrogs.

2017-02-01 Rerun commentary: I checked to see if that last statement was still true, only to find that the Wikipedia article on Khorne doesn't even exist any more. It's been replaced by a redirect to the Chaos (Warhammer) article which is the first link above. And that one has no trace of Balrogs and gives a scant single sentence to Bloodthirsters.

But fortunately in this wonderful day and age there is a wiki for everything, and there are complete articles all about Bloodthirsters on both the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K wikis. Though neither of these mention Balrogs either.

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