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<   No. 1540   2007-04-15   >

Comic #1540

1 Yeti: {bursting into Cthulhu's secret lair in Kathmandu} Cthulhu! Hands off that human!
1 Cthulhu: Migou! Fhtagn!
2 {they wrestle}
2 Terry: {running into the chamber} Steve!
2 Steve: {chained to the wall} Terry!
3 Terry: {watching the yeti wrestle with Cthulhu} Just when you think you've seen everything... eh? {goes to untie Steve}
4 Steve: Crikey! Let me at 'im! I'm missin' out!

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How many other webcomics have shown you yetis team wrestling Cthulhu?

None, that's how many!

Svip, creator of The Weirdos, has risen to the challenge. And within two hours of this comic being posted. That's some effort just to prove me wrong. :-)
2017-03-18 Rerun commentary: "Migou", as explained in #1424, is the Tibetan word for "yeti". I learnt this from the comic Tintin in Tibet, which is arguably Hergé's most intensely personal and emotional comic book, and certainly the one on which more critical and psychological analysis has been written than any other. And it does in fact feature a yeti.

Though not wrestling Cthulhu.

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