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<   No. 1612   2007-06-26   >

Comic #1612

1 Dr No: Wait a minute, you're not Chang! James Stud!
2 Stud: Correct! Well, Dr No, I guess there's nothing more left for us to do but fight it out to the death!
3 Stud: Bring on the indestructible gorilla of a henchman!
4 Dr No: Darn. I knew there was some detail of being a megalomaniacal madman that I'd forgotten.

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Embarrassingly, after all the fuss I made about only having one radiation suit (which seems to have spawned an entire series of jokes and a moderately widespread Internet meme), I discovered I had a second one all along, stuffed into a box of minifigs that I hadn't checked when I was looking around to see if I had more than one. I'll wear the egg on my face, since it means this strip took significantly less time to make than that one.

The huge indestructible henchman is a James Bond film standard trope: think Grant from From Russia with Love, Oddjob from Goldfinger, Tee Hee from Live and Let Die, and, the canonical indestructible henchman, Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me. But there was no such character in Dr No. We've already disposed of the limp Professor Dent.

2017-09-02 Rerun commentary: The joke about only having one radiation suit has lasted a lot longer than the amount of time that I actually thought I only had one radiation suit[1]. You can still see readers in the forums quoting and riffing on the joke to the present day.

[1] Which was a scant 36 days, believe it or not.

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