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<   No. 1622   2007-07-06   >

Comic #1622

1 Stud: So, Dr No. A fight to the death! With nothing but our bare hands!
2 Dr No: Very well, Mr Stud.
3 Dr No: Of course, my hands are made of hardened steel and can crush you like an elephant crushes an ant. {holds hands up and advances on Stud}
4 Stud: {backing away slowly} Did I say bare hands? Let me just look for a crowbar or something...

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We're getting to the giant set destruction scene... be patient.

2017-09-24 Rerun commentary: Q. Why do elephants wear ripple-soled sneakers?

I wanted to give the impression of James Stud taking a step backwards while Dr No is advancing towards him. I think the poses used here manage to convey that quite nicely.

Interestingly, the word "crowbar" refers to two different tools in British and American English. I have to admit that the Americanising influence of TV and film here in Australia is now so strong that even I think of a "crowbar" as being the American English version, not the British/Australian English version.

A. To give the ants a 50-50 chance. (This was one of my favourite silly riddles when I was a child.)

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