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<   No. 1657   2007-08-10   >

Comic #1657

1 Monty: This cube puzzle is diabolical! I can get one face the same colour, but then anything I do messes it up again.
1 Prof. Jones: Turn that one!
2 Minnesota Jones: Try working on two faces simultaneously!
2 Ginny: Gentlemen, you're overlooking something.
3 Ginny: There are three slots in the door. A triangle, a circle, and a square. Give me the cube.
4 {Ginny puts the cube in the square slot}
4 [sound]: Click.... {the door swings open}
4 Monty: Oh you're kidding me...
4 Minnesota Jones: Fiendish!

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Even the simplest of problems can appear incredibly complicated when there are distracting factors and blind alleys floating around.

2017-12-16 Rerun commentary: One of the Comic Irregulars (my group of friends and collaborators on various projects) is a keen Rubik's cubist. He can solve the cube very quickly and has several specially built and lubricated "speed cubes" to assist, as well as several other twisty puzzle cubes and other puzzles in different shapes.

He recently reported that his young daughter has learnt the word "cube" before she has learnt the word "square".

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