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<   No. 1661   2007-08-14   >

Comic #1661

1 {scene: Another part of the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death}
1 Dr No: Who are you?
1 Death of Drowning In A Reactor Pool: DEATH OF DROWNING IN A REACTOR POOL.
2 Death of Drowning In A Reactor Pool: I'M HERE TO ESCORT YOU TO THE OTHER SIDE.
3 Death of Drowning In A Reactor Pool: CHARON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
3 Charon: I'm to ferry his soul across the River Acheron.
4 Death of Drowning In A Reactor Pool: WE DON'T NEED YOUR HELP FOR THAT!
4 Charon: Have you seen him swim?

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I did the cool glowing effect on Death of Drowning In A Reactor Pool quite simply in Photoshop.

  1. Duplicate layer.
  2. Apply Gaussian blur to top layer, about 5 pixels worth.
  3. Set mode to screen and transparency to about 50%.
  4. Add a layer mask and do a white to black radial gradient centred on the skeleton.
  5. Et voila*!
* Has there ever been a more painful word to see typed? Besides the people who type it as "viola" or, even better, "wallah", consider the following, from Wiktionary:
voilà (often voila)

    1. "Lo! There it is", ta-da, presto

Usage notes

In the English language, diacritics are usually dropped from borrowed words. Some prescriptivists insist that the diacritic is not only correct, but that not having it is a spelling error (even though that diacritic doesn't exist in the English alphabet.) Others prescribe that the near impossibility of entering the character on US keyboards dictate that "voila" is the only correct spelling in English.

So it doesn't matter what you do, you can never please everyone.

That doesn't just apply to spelling fancy foreign words, either.

2017-12-24 Rerun commentary: Now here's a Death we should see more of. Unfortunately this is the only strip he's in[1].

So far...

[1] He wasn't even in the picket line.

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