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<   No. 1689   2007-09-11   >

Comic #1689

1 [caption]: ==Adam's Mythbusting Show== Boggy AK-47
2 Adam: {standing next to a gun which is being held by some sort of mechanical stand} Well, if this AK-47 won't fire normally after being buried in a bog for a year, there's only one thing for it.
3 Adam: In true Mythbusting tradition, I will now see what it takes to get it to fire.
4 Adam: To which end, I have modified the firing chamber and packed it with six sticks of dynamite! {stands in front of the barrel, holding a string connected to the trigger mechanism}

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This is one of my favourite things about Mythbusters. The fact that after they prove some myth is unfeasible, they go ahead and try to do it anyway by modifying parameters of the system. Which more often than not involves increasing amounts of explosives.

And just in case it's not entirely clear from the last photo here, Adam has rigged a system so he can activate the gun's trigger remotely, while he stands in front of the barrel.

2018-02-28 Rerun commentary: Now I'm no expert in gun mods, but I reckon fitting six sticks of dynamite into the firing chamber is a pretty extreme modification.

Oh, and don't do this at home, folks.

Although I should hope that it's a given that that advice applies to everything in the Mythbusters theme comics.

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