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<   No. 1729   2007-10-21   >

Comic #1729

1 {scene: a plane cockpit}
1 Stewardess: Oh no! The co-pilot's been bitten too! {pilot and co-pilot lie unconscious, slumped in their seats}
2 Steve: I see it! It's a red-bellied red snake!
2 Terry: <gasp!>
3 Stewardess: But it's not over there! There it is, heading back out to the passenger cabin! Unless... there's more than one?!
4 Steve: Crikey! Er... no, I identified it from the bite pattern!

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Just like the red mamba, the red-bellied red snake is a fictional snake species based on a real counterpart whose name is identical except for replacing an instance of "red" with "black". The red-bellied black snake is one of the most common venomous snakes in Australia. Wikipedia points out that, although potentially fatal, this species is in fact far less venomous than many other Australian snake species.

2018-06-02 Rerun commentary: That is one panoramic cockpit window.

I'm half tempted to see if I can slice a red Lego snake and a black Lego snake along the horizontal plane and then glue them together to make a red-bellied black snake. Though I'm more than half sure that the slicing operation would go badly.

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