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<   No. 1724   2007-10-16   >

Comic #1724

1 {scene: At the front of the plane, just outside the cockpit door.}
1 Stewardess: There's a snake loose in the cockpit. The pilot's been bitten.
2 Steve: Crikey! That's almost fatal!
3 Stewardess: How do you know that? We don't even know what type of snake it is yet.
4 Steve: Er... oh, right, yeah. Neither do I.
4 Terry: Steeeve...

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Looking at this again in the context of the last few strips in this theme, Terry seems to have been amazingly slow to catch on here for some reason.

Oh, and the reason the flight attendant's head looks funny is because the scarf interferes with the placement of the hair in the back, so I can't push it all the way down on to her head. This results in the unusually high forehead.

2018-05-20 Rerun commentary: A solution would have been to cut the back of the hair off, so it no longer runs afoul of the scarf. But taking a knife to LEGO pieces is a rather drastic measure.

I happened to catch a tiny bit of an episode of Murder, She Wrote recently (last night, in fact), which was set almost entirely on board a flight from Boston to London. Naturally, since Jessica Fletcher is on board, someone gets murdered.[1]

Anyway, the really odd thing I noticed about this was that Jessica and the flight crew and the passengers all stood around discussing the murder... and they had room to do so! They weren't all squashed into a narrow aisle or the tiny space beside the toilets like they would have been on a real plane.

I tried to achieve the claustrophobic effect of being on a plane here, with the walls very close to the characters on all three sides.

[1] Seriously, hasn't anyone in-universe ever noticed how suspicious this is??

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