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<   No. 1757   2007-11-18   >

Comic #1757

1 Terry: Delhi's no good. Let's try Lahore.
2 Terry: Lahore air traffic control? This is Highland Airlines HL16 requesting emergency landing clearance.
3 Lahore Air Traffic Control: We'd love to help, HL16, but we have a situation with a bunch of chimpanzees taking control of an airship.
4 Terry: Chimps on a blimp?
4 Steve: Crikey! They need Jane Goodall!

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The plane is on auto-pilot while they're trying to find a suitable emergency landing site.

Looks like they might be on auto-pilot for a while yet.

2018-07-05 Rerun commentary: Indeed, the best way for non-pilots to land a modern jet airliner is to leave the autopilot on and not touch anything. Modern autopilots are capable of landing a plane without assistance.

And since we're back on this topic, last time I neglected to mention that the real world MythBusters tested the myth that a non-pilot can land a plane with the help of a pilot talking to them over the radio. The result: Plausible.

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