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<   No. 1766   2007-11-27   >

Comic #1766

1 Dwalin: Och, the puur wee hobbit. {translation: Oh, the poor little hobbit.}
1 Mordekai: He's not dead yet.
1 Dwalin: Tae ha' frinds thu likes o' ye, I meant! {translation: To have friends the likes of you, I meant!}
2 Alvissa: We can't give up. As long as his heart beats, there's a chance.
3 Alvissa: I have an elven healing draught. It should revive him. Kyros, don't you have any magic that can help?
4 Kyros: I don't know. Does he have any severed limbs that need cauterising?

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If you're squeamish about medical procedures, you probably don't want to read this.

2018-07-14 Rerun commentary: Panel 2: This is the difference between needing a cleric and needing a necromancer. (Still one of my favourite jokes.) It's a shame they have neither in this adventuring party.

Now that I think about it, I can't remember why it is that they don't have a healer. The Fantasy characters are, as I've said many times, based on an actual roleplaying group that I ran many years ago. It's so long ago now that I can't recall what they did for healing. I certainly don't remember them having a specific healer type character. It was using GURPS, so there was no cleric class. Maybe the real Kyros had a few healing spells. I should see if I can dig out the old character sheets to see.

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