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<   No. 178   2003-07-22   >

Comic #178

1 Haken: {pointing at a massive airship} Behold, Erwin, our transport to South America.
1 Erwin: Die Hindenburg?
2 Erwin: Is it safe, Herr Kolonel?
2 Haken: Safe?! Zeppelins are a triumph of Fatherland technology!
3 Haken: A glorious and appropriate symbol of the power of the Third Reich!
4 Erwin: Full of gas and likely to blow up any minute?
4 Haken: Are you sure you're Aryan, Erwin?

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Yes, I know the aluminium doping used to paint the exterior of the Hindenburg was a far more likely candidate than the hydrogen in the gas cells to catch fire initially, and then certainly led to the sustained fiery destruction of the ship that killed 35 people. But comparing the Third Reich to something "coated with flammable paint and likely to burst into sustained flames any minute" just isn't as funny.

2012-05-24 Rerun commentary: The background is monochrome because the original zeppelin photo is black and white. That photo is actually in a book I own. I propped the book up, open to that page, on the desk behind Erwin and Haken - there's no Photoshopping involved in these images.

I actually have several books about zeppelins and other airships. And a DVD boxed set of The Airships, a documentary TV series by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Which I highly recommend, even if you're not an airship nut. It's a really good documentary.

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