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<   No. 176   2003-07-20   >

Comic #176

1 Hitler's Brain: Bested by Herr Doktor Jones again, Kolonel?
1 Haken: Ja, mein Führer...
2 Hitler's Brain: Zilence! You vill go to South America und retrieve den Mayan Codices!
2 Haken: But Jones has gone to Egypt...
3 Haken: ... for the Book of the Dead.
3 Hitler's Brain: Don't you dare argue viss me!
4 Hitler's Brain: My brain to body mass ratio is 100%! Now go!
4 Haken: Jawohl, mein Führer!

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2012-05-22 Rerun commentary: The Mayan codices are enormously cool books produced by the ancient Maya civilisation from about 500 A.D. to the time of the Spanish conquest. There were hundreds, thousands, maybe many more of these books. Unfortunately, the Conquistadors and their accompanying priests decided they were heathen artefacts and destroyed almost all of them.

Today there exist only three codices that are known to be genuine. They reveal astonishing glimpses of the astronomical science, timekeeping, ritual calendar, astrology, and prophecies of the Maya. The most famous Dresden Codex contains tables of the motions of the moon and Venus which far exceed the accuracy of anything produced in Europe at the time.

Imagine what all the codices destroyed by the Conquistadors could have told us.

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