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<   No. 1798   2007-12-29   >

Comic #1798

1 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: Finance Minister, someone to see you.
2 Investor: {walking into the Nigerian Finance Minister's office} You! I lost all my money because of you! I'm going to kill you! {aims gun}
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: There must be some mistake. Investment in Nigeria is 100% legal and risk-free.
4 Investor: I bought this gun and I'm going to use it! {waves gun threateningly}
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: Wait! Did you pay the advance licence fee?

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Let's get the important questions out of the way first.

2018-08-15 Rerun commentary: Some time ago I was looking into car window tinting, because I was interested in getting some to keep the glare, heat, and ultraviolet light from the sun out of my car. One product I found was called "Xtreme Tint Legal", which promised to be the darkest tint that was legal to have on car windows in my jurisdiction.*

Now, call me jaded, but I get the odd creeping feeling on the back of my neck that any product which feels the need to explicitly put the word "legal" in the actual product name must almost surely be skirting around some sort of nether-worldly zone of shady dealings.† Or maybe I've just been making these sorts of comics too much...

* It makes sense to have a legally defined darkest allowable car window tint. You don't want people to be driving around in cars with completely opaque windows, for example.

† Pun not consciously sought after, but will be claimed.

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