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<   No. 1841   2008-02-10   >

Comic #1841

1 {scene: A chateau at night. James Stud has bumped into a mysterious figure.}
1 [sound]: Chop! {The figure attacks!}
2 [sound]: Fight!
3 [sound]: Strangle! Choke!
4 [caption]: Silence indicating James Stud is dead...

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2018-09-27 Rerun commentary: In the film, Grant (the assassin) pulls a thin garrotting wire from his wristwatch. He pulls the crown of the watch[1], and it's attached to the wire, which unrolls from inside the watch.

In 1963, this was the height of spy technology.

Anyway, a thin wire would be near invisible in this comic recreation, so I went with a more substantial piece of rope (played by a short piece of packing twine).

On another note, I was careful to hide the smile on James Stud's face in panel 2-4. I figured it wouldn't be a good look to have him grinning while being strangled... to death???...

[1] That's the little knurled circular knob that you twirl to wind a mechanical watch. Or if you own an Apple Watch you might be more familiar with its "digital crown", which is the little knurled circular knob that you twirl to scroll through stuff and access various functions.

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